R nineT Mods & Details

Resources for the BMW R nineT:


5 thoughts on “R nineT Mods & Details”

  1. Hi Piston Junky, good article about the fuel cap rattle. I have this too.
    However, I will point out that you don’t need to worry about the rust on the tank – its Aluminium.


  2. Well that rattle sound from inside the tank is very annoying (at least for my ears) in my almost brand new R nineT Classic. Would you be kind and be more informative how you managed to reduce the rattle? I have the part in my hands and i cannot seem to understand how to make it sound less. Thanks in advance. Cheers.


    1. Hi Error Flynn,
      There is a pin where the weight hangs and swing from. What I did was use a pair of pliers to crimp (squeeze) the outer hinge so there is some friction acting on the weight. Do not over crimp the hinge or else the weight gets stuck and the valve won’t close if the bike tips over. Try to strike a balance.



      1. Good day PistonJunky and wishes for a good week!

        OK i got it correctly then in the first place.

        I tried what you are proposing although with a pair of pliers i didn’t seem to apply enough force to minimise that small gap.

        What i tried to do is that with a vice i have at home i managed to squeeze the hinge a little ( i was afraid of not overdoing it)

        and i seems it worked a little bit.

        The rattle did not went away completely but i have the feeling i hear it quite less.

        Maybe i will try one more time to see how it goes.

        One way or another is a flaw from the BMW side from the mechanical engineering perspective and after all those years

        the bike is on production line the should have resolved it.

        Anyway . . . 🙂

        Thanks again!



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