R nineT – Cooling guard

[31/01/2015 @ 3,700km] – Installed oil cooler guard from Wunderlich today. Liked the wrap around the radiator on both sides. Others are just plain grill design. Held on by 2 bolts at the rear, it is much better than those which uses zip ties found on GS. After a year or so, they harden and become brittle.

Leave a gap on both front and rear so that it does NOT rub the radiator

Comes with self adhesive tape to minimize rubbing to the radiator but I’d rather leave a gap and not allow the guard to touch the radiator. Not good when there are lots of vibration  and the radiator is made from softer aluminium than the guard.

Removed the indicator light extensions

Since I am at the radiator, I thought I’d remove both front indicator light extensions. The indicators now bolted directly to the radiator and is narrower by one inch on each side.

Who else?

Just a thought, cleaning and removing crap from the radiator might be harder now since there is some distance in between the guard and the radiator. Maybe a paint brush will help.





Note: May also fit the oil cooler radiators for S1000R and RR. There are instructions for both bikes also included. More details here: http://www.wunderlich.de/shop/en/bmw-r-serie/ninet/rundumschutz/olk-hlerschutzgitter.html

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