R nineT – Final Drive

[Jan 2015 @ 3,700km]

Fitted protection for the final drive unit at the rear. Have seen a few final drive unit housings damaged from simple falls, including my R1200 GSA. Some have even sustained serious damage with the aluminium panniers on, needless to say what happened to the panniers. If you look from the rear of the bike, we will see the final drive unit is very exposed. Chance for damages sustained by the final drive unit is high.

Looked around and found several protection designs for the final drive from DSBPTouratech, Twalcom and Wunderlich. I have three conditions when buying the item, it must look good and provide adequate protection from falls and drops, and do not hinder maintenance work (oil changes etc.). Finally I decided on the Lever Guard from Wunderlich. It looks great and it’s functional, when the bike is not too heavy, which Lisha will never be 🙂 Best part it doesn’t obscure, protrude or cover the final drive unit in order to achieve these requirements. Does not require additional work to do oil changes too.

More details here: http://www.wunderlich.de/shop/en/lever-guard-6243.html.

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