R nineT – Foot pegs

[Jan 2015 @ 2,900km] – Swapped the foot pegs for the rider and pillion with the S 1000R bike.  It’s a direct swap over with minor issues. The new pegs are all aluminium and has a smaller footprint. Those original rubber pegs will wear out fast, only 3,000km and wear is visible already.

[1] The new rider foot peg

The original pivot pins and ‘C’ clips are re-used. The retaining springs from the S bike is a direct fit except the tension is a little lighter than the original. Good, now I have a choice.

[2] Rubber shim inserted to compensate for peg alignment, as well as vibration damping.

Pillion pegs from the S bike fits perfectly. Be careful when removing, there is a spring loaded ball bearing inside and it’s ready to fly out if not prepared. May cause injury.

[3] Pillion foot pegs deployed.

[4] Pillion foot peg retracted.

For bigger pegs, probably those from the K bikes (e.g K1300S) would be a better fit. For now it is fine. Next step, anodizing them in black. 🙂

2 thoughts on “R nineT – Foot pegs”

  1. Hi,

    May i know what year is your r nine t? Mine is a 2017 not sure if it will fit, drop the bike while washing n bended tge pegs. Sure looks better that the original. Do you have a pic of it after anodised?


    1. My bike is 2014 model. Everything bolts in nicely but the angle after installation is not quite right, it is slanted slightly. More accurate replacement model would be from the K1300 series foot pegs.



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