R nineT – Foot pegs

[Jan 2015 @ 2,900km] – Swapped the foot pegs for the rider and pillion with the S 1000R bike.  It’s a direct swap over with minor issues. The new pegs are all aluminium and has a smaller footprint. Those original rubber pegs will wear out fast, only 3,000km and wear is visible already.

[1] The new rider foot peg

The original pivot pins and ‘C’ clips are re-used. The retaining springs from the S bike is a direct fit except the tension is a little lighter than the original. Good, now I have a choice.

[2] Rubber shim inserted to compensate for peg alignment, as well as vibration damping.

Pillion pegs from the S bike fits perfectly. Be careful when removing, there is a spring loaded ball bearing inside and it’s ready to fly out if not prepared. May cause injury.

[3] Pillion foot pegs deployed.

[4] Pillion foot peg retracted.

For bigger pegs, probably those from the K bikes (e.g K1300S) would be a better fit. For now it is fine. Next step, anodizing them in black. 🙂

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