R nineT – Air filter replacement

[May 2015 @ 7,250km]

The Uni air filters arrived several weeks ago and only had the chance to install them today. I ordered them direct from Uni Filters but delivery took almost 2 months. The filters are exactly the same as those I am using on my R1200 GS Adventure and oiling is necessary before use.

For the nineT, replacing the air filter element requires the lifting of the fuel tank along with a host of other work like disconnecting the alarm, removing the intake snorkel, disconnecting fuel hoses and fuel pump wires.

Once the tank is raised, everything is accessible.

Out with the old air filter element.

In goes the Uni.

Apply grease to the intake snorkel where it meets the air filter element to completely seal. It also helps to ease the removal next time round.

Of course the label is also important. 🙂

Sponge filter elements has several advantages which I like. For example it is washable and re-usable, which is the main reason why I use them. It filters better than cotton gauze elements which I have used once and threw it away after 40K km because I found dust after the element in the air box after 13,000km in Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. With the sponge filter type element, after 3 years, several countries and 80K km,  there is proper filtration and no more dust.

I found the bike looses a little top end with sponge filters but that’s OK for me.

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